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Throughout the entire D-A-CH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) companies in the production and automation industry are using the benefits of modern, electric drive technology as a motor to turn their ideas and visions into reality. With the support of Haug.

The scope of applications in industrial drive technology is virtually unlimited. We cover this diversity for you with an extensive product range of power semiconductors, customized transformers, converters, storage and EMC chokes, PFC chokes and power sensors.

With the high demands to these drives of sometimes more than 100,000 hours of operation, it is particularly important for you to be able to rely on the lifespan and dependability of the electronic components.

In addition, today's drive systems are smart. Digitalization, IoT and increasing connectivity require not only resource and energy efficiency, but above all more performance in a smaller package. Which is one reason why the industry is implementing cost-saving measures in the field of electric drive technology: to significantly reduce global power consumption by electric motors.

At Haug, we support you with proven expertise in design-in. Our power semiconductors help, for example, to variably control the speed of electric drives. This way, we can make a significant contribution to energy savings. But there is more to it. Our EMC inductors also reduce susceptibility to interference.


Industrial Applications

State-of-the-art electric drive technology is a key growth driver in the production and automation industry. We provide the corresponding expertise with technical know-how and compatible components.

Controlled drives ensure the operation of machines or industrial robots - and are therefore sought after throughout industrial automation technology. Haug Electronic Solutions provides you with the right solution: for your three-phase, synchronous and asynchronous motors as well as for fans, ventilators, and pumps. To name just a few.

Would you like to find out more about our solutions? Simply give us a call or write an e-mail.

Case Industrial

Manufacturers of ventilation systems such as fans are subject to strict guidelines regarding the form factor of their devices. They are also facing permanent cost pressure. This calls for energy-efficient and compact solutions for motor control and drive.

Case Industrial

With a wide solutions portfolio, we are breaking new ground, for example, to control ventilation systems with inverter technology. If you are looking for high level integration, we offer the use of intelligent power modules (IPMs) that give you maximum flexibility with a reasonable price/performance ratio when choosing discrete IGBTs or MOSFETs. When it comes to power semiconductors, gate drivers and IPMs, you can always rely on smooth operation – ensuring that your systems provide significantly reduced noise levels and low power consumption in a smaller form factor.

Haug supports you in the design-in of your ventilation system with a tailor-made product portfolio. Your solutions will benefit from our expertise in reducing system size and cost on the way to competitive applications.

Our partners provide electronic solutions at the leading edge of technology.

Case Industrial

By carefully selecting our partners, we ensure the strictest possible quality standards in terms of reliability, cost efficiency and availability in the long run.

The success of your ventilation system design largely depends on perfect components. That's why we closely coordinate with you the selection of possible coils, chokes, IGBTs, drivers, converters, capacitors to control a synchronous and asynchronous motor at a specific speed. The packages of components and design-in development services bundled individually for you make your application more robust, compact and energy efficient. In addition, you will reduce system costs and optimize your productivity.