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Partner directory - Proud partner of well-known companies


C&K is a leading supplier of electromechanical switches. C&K products are used e.g. used in automotive, industrial, medical and consumer goods. They are assembled in over 55,000 standard products and 8.5 million combinations at companies that design, manufacture and distribute electronic products.


GAPTEC specializes in isolated and non-isolated voltage converters (AC-DC, DC-DC, POL and LED drivers). The portfolio includes voltages from 0.1 watts to 1000 watts (DC-DC) and from 1 watt to 1000 watts (AC-DC).


The Harting company, which develops, produces and sells worldwide, is one of the largest German connector manufacturers. The more than 30,000 standard products include above all the industrial connection technology for the three lifelines "power", "signal" and "data".



The Italian company ITELCOND has been producing aluminum electrolytic capacitors for applications where a high level of quality is required since 1976.


Driven by the passion for innovative technologies, Marquardt offers intelligent, electronic and electromechanical systems and components. Particular attention is paid to the design, feel, durability and reliability of the parts.

Parker Overseas

Established in 1995, Parker Overseas offers wound magnetic solutions for a wide variety of applications. The in-house design and development laboratory, prototype development laboratory, mechanical tool workshop and plastic injection molding department enable Parker Overseas to provide customized solutions in a short time.


Piher is a specialist in sensor technologies for position, speed and current measurement. The global company serves the automotive, off-road, industrial, device, medical and shipping sectors with its standardized or customer-specific sensors.


Established in 1958, Japan's ROHM is an expert in semiconductors and resistors. The company name is made up of R (Resistor) + Ohm. The product range now also includes the areas of ICs, LEDs, diodes, LC displays and thermal print heads.


Vacuumschmelze (VAC) specializes in the development and manufacture of magnetic materials. The product range extends from soft magnetic materials through inductive components to permanent magnets. The areas of application are in the automotive and aviation industries, automation technology or in energy conversion and distribution.