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Magnetic shields to protect electrical parts

With our magnetic shielding, you will protect all electronic components, devices, and equipment from electromagnetic interference fields. Haug's tailor-made EMC solutions offer you the materials and types you need to ensure the functionality of your equipment.

You know best the extent to which devices or equipment can be impaired in their functionality by electromagnetic interference fields. We supply you with the appropriate individual shielding, from standard foils to complex molded parts, so that you comply with the numerous standards and regulations. And to ensure that your newly produced equipment can handle the required interference immunity. We support you from development to the finished product.



Shield stray magnetic fields of certain devices, assemblies or switching elements with the soft magnetic Mumetall®. This way you increase the functional capability.

Haug supports you in enclosing the component generating a stray field or the component to be protected from the stray field with a magnetic shield. In most cases, you will achieve sufficient protection if you wrap the components to be shielded with a shielding foil. Shielding foils are easy to handle. By selecting the appropriate number of layers, you can easily achieve the required shielding effect.


We also support you in fighting stray magnetic fields with shielding foils and tapes made of Vitrovac® 6025X. 

Whether unusually high hardness, flexibility, or higher permeability: compared to Mumetall®, this soft magnetic material has several advantages. In addition, Vitrovac® 6025 X is largely resistant to elastic deformation. Therefore, this soft magnetic is more effective, almost regardless of the bending radius.


With the top material Vitroperm® you get unique magnetic characteristics for protection against stray magnetic fields.

We ensure the safety of your application with a material that has excellent thermal stability over a wide temperature range, low core loss and coercivity, little to no saturation magnetostriction, and the highest surface quality of any nanocrystalline material. 

Product Types

With foils, cups, or molded parts, you can unleash the full potential of shielding low-frequency fields to ensure optimum functionality of your devices and systems.

Shielding of low-frequency fields is our job – from standard foils to the production of complex components based on customer requirements.

At Haug we offer you the complete product range to solve your EMC problem. As standard product types for shielding we offer among others: Shielding foils, shielding cups, molded parts, sheet metals, hoses, and rods.