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The rapid pace of change in society and in healthcare is having a major impact on the future of medical technology and its potential for innovation. At Haug, we are prepared to support medical technology providers in developing solutions that offer both clinical and economic added value.

The global growth in population, increasing aging processes and growing middle classes worldwide continue to fuel demand for medical technology. A considerable proportion of medical technology devices used in diagnostics and therapy will migrate from hospitals and clinics to the patient's home. This is why there is growing demand for smart and compact systems.

The use of portable devices in diagnostics, for example, renders protection against operating errors extremely important. As a result, we think of switches with top latching and haptics as a solution when designing-in, and don't lose sight of a long service life and high cycle stability in an assumed context of intensive use.

In addition, we also support you in the design-in of customized cables with a wide range of options, for example when it comes to higher temperature ranges.

Optimized weight and very easy installation in confined spaces for compact devices are achieved by reducing the outer diameter of assembled cables.

When it comes to compact imaging equipment, such as mobile clinical workstations, the safety of patients and staff is of utmost importance. Therefore, the power supply of the devices must be highly reliable. In many cases, this is not possible without certification of components or power supplies according to EN60601. We achieve protection against overcurrent, surges and overheating by using a wide range of input voltages and the DC voltages of the power supply units, which are typical for electrical medical equipment. This is where you benefit from our know-how in the field of application-specific power supply.


Switch Ultrasound Scanner

Today's diagnostics require a growing number of portable devices. Protection against operating errors is particularly important. Switches with top latching and haptics provide a good solution.

In the field of shielding made of Mumetall®, Permenorm® or Vitrovac®, such as for magnetoencephalography and magnetocardiography, you benefit from the many advantages of a medium-sized company with decades of experience. Haug Electronic Solutions also offers you the right solutions for applications in robotics and communications technology, test lines in electromedicine, and much more.

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Developers of medical devices are supposed to get increasingly complex technologies ready for serial production as quickly as possible. At the same time, devices such as patient monitors should offer absolute precision in vital data and maximum patient safety. After all, optimal function can mean the difference between life and death.

Case Medical / Health

Precise vital signs, user-friendly operation, improved patient safety: Patient monitoring is about keeping an eye on patient health with less effort while simplifying processes. Human-machine interfaces are ideally suited for this purpose. We control the corresponding functions via a MOSFET relay, for example. This enables us to ensure a high number of noiseless switching cycles. With these components, you benefit from a long service life.

At Haug, we always make sure that components like buttons and switches for compact systems such as patient monitors, for one thing, prevent errors during human-machine interaction and make operation effortless. On the other hand, we also pay attention to maximum protection against overcurrent, surges and overheating when designing-in the power supply.

When developing innovative medical patient monitors, selecting the right power supply is critical.

Case Medical / Health

At Haug, we understand the importance of a reliable, customized power supply in medical technology – which is why we pay particular attention to safe shutdown when malfunctions occur.

To be able to switch to the emergency power supply in the event of a short circuit, we use for example block fuses, featuring a compact design. With our wires, cables, and accessories, you can establish the crucial connections for signals and electricity. With the performance and safety, you need.

And we also think about an effective thermal management. So, no danger occurs from the waste heat of components such as power semiconductors during operation. To this end, we offer you a wide range of products: from heat-conducting foils to board-level heat sinks and fans. Our field application engineers, and technical consultants also support you in questions of EMC optimization, for example with shielding solutions made of Mumetall® or Vitrovac® for medical technology applications such as magnetoencephalography or magnetocardiography.